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Sliding door

Open-door policy to great service for you

Door Pros provides a unique service for your sliding patio door, SAVING you money! Rather than spending what could be thousands on replacing your entire door, we repair the problem.

• Installation of replacement rollers

• Replacement of bottom track

• Locks and handles

• Weather stripping

• Screen door installation

• Window service and replacement

You're on the right track with us

By replacing the bottom track and the rollers, our experienced technicians will make the slide glass door "like new"! The slide usually only requires one finger to operate!


Your safety and satisfaction is our main priority. We will make sure the door operates like it should and securely closes with the correct lock and handle.

Sliding doors

Door Pros carries trusted brands, including Milgard, Fleetwood, Arcadia,

Window Master and International.

Your doors will slide "like new" with services from Door Pros!